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PP pipes for industrial use

PP material is more suited for certain applications. That is why our offer also contains PP pipes for industrial use. Just like PVC-U pipes are used in the industrial sector, PP pipes are also used as packaging, containers, packaging and construction parts, and many other things. They are also used as a material in the artistic furniture industry. PP pipes can be used in many different sectors and in many different ways. All of the positive qualities of PP pipes, such as keeping their shape, a smooth surface, resistance to abrasion and many others, are used to their fullest potential in these applications. All of the parameters can be adjusted based on requirements and the intended use of the pipes.

  • The diameters of the manufactured pipes range from 20 to 110 mm.
  • The lengths of the pipes can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.
  • The pipes can be finished in different colours
  • The thickness of the pipe walls is based on requirements and their application.
  • Choice of input material (PP or recycled PP)


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