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PVC-U smooth multilayer sewer pipes in accordance with EN 1401-1 and EN 13476-2 with a ring stiffness of SN12

PVC-U is the predominant and oldest material used in sewage systems and it has kept its dominance even after new materials came into use. According to respected studies, sewage systems made out of PVC pipes can last longer than 100 years. PVC pipes keep their shape, are resistant to longitudinal bends, have a perfectly smooth surface and a high strength PVC module. They are also very resistant to abrasion and have only half the thermal expansion compared to materials like PE or PP. PVC piping systems are more fire resistant than other thermoplastics. During installation PVC pipes tend to have six times less faulty connections than other materials. All of these qualities guarantee long-term stability and a good balance between flexibility and strength.

PVC-U smooth multilayer sewer pipes in accordance with EN 1401-1 and EN 13476-2 with a ring stiffness of SN12

  • compact pipe with a high ring stiffness
  • triple-layer co-extrusion technology
  • manufactured in diameters from 160 to 315 mm
  • extremely high impact resistance
  • extremely heavy-duty pipes

All of the manufactured pipes meet the necessary technical and legal requirements. Thanks to their hardness they can even resist different objects located underground that press against them.

  • As standard, the pipes come equipped with a sealing ring made from elastomer (SBR). If necessary, the pipes can be equipped with rings made from NBR in order to increase the piping system's resistance.
  • The lengths of the pipes can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements
  • In addition to the external description (in the given intervals and dimensions) the pipes can also be equipped with internal descriptions from the manufacturer (applies to the following diameters: 200, 250 and 315 mm) that are used for camera inspections in already built sewage systems. These descriptions are used to check that high-quality pipes are not being replaced with cheaper and lower-grade versions.
  • The pipes can be equipped with a stop bar (applies to the following diameters: 200, 250 and 315 mm). Since connecting pipes that are very long have a large diameter and a high ring stiffness under construction conditions can sometimes be difficult, we can equip the pipes with a stop bar that indicates if the socket joint has been properly inserted.


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