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PVC-U drain pipes

These pipes are intended for the horizontal draining of excess water located in the earth and in construction sites. Drain pipes made from PVC-U keep their shape, are resistant to longitudinal bends, and have a perfectly smooth surface. Together with a high-quality mixture of PVC these qualities guarantee long-term stability and a good balance between flexibility and strength. Used for draining in such applications as highways, railways, tunnels, slopes, sports venues, etc.

  • They are produced in diameters ranging from 110 mm to 315 mm.
  • The wall thickness of the pipes depends on the selected ring stiffness.
  • In order to achieve the highest possible quality the pipes are manufactured with single-layer technology in accordance with EN 1401. However, triple-layer co-extrusion technology in accordance with EN 13476 can also be used.
  • A professional perforation of the pipes in accordance with the requirements for the specific purpose is standard for us.
  • As standard, the pipes come equipped with a sealing ring made from elastomer (SBR). If necessary, the pipes can be equipped with rings made from NBR in order to increase the piping system's resistance.
  • The lengths of the pipes can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements
  • In addition to the external description (in the given intervals and dimensions) the pipes can also be equipped with internal descriptions from the manufacturer (applies to the following diameters: 200, 250 and 315 mm) that are used for camera inspections in already built drainage systems.
  • The pipes can be equipped with a stop bar (applies to the following diameters: 200, 250 and 315 mm). Since connecting pipes that are very long have a large diameter and a high ring stiffness under construction conditions can sometimes be difficult, we can equip the pipes with a stop bar that indicates if the socket joint has been properly inserted.


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