Produktové rady

PVC-U ventilation and waste pipes

Waste pipes made out of PVC intended for the draining of water and the drawing off of air from the interiors of buildings are made in accordance with EN1329 , EN1453. PVC-U waste pipes are more fire resistant than other thermoplastics. The PVC mixture is made with great emphasis on the quality of the final product.

  • They are produced in mid-sized diameters ranging from 32 mm to 160 mm.
  • The pipes can be equipped with a socket joint.
  • In order to achieve the highest possible strength and lifespan a single-layer technology is used.
  • These pipes can also be made with the triple-layer co-extrusion technology for noise reduction (applies to the following diameters: 110, 125 and 160 mm)
  • These pipes are resistant to acids, aggressive gases, all types of detergents, sea water and alcohol.
  • The lengths of the pipes can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.


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